Black dog

Where I was  last night… There were three men with me,

A fat guy with  checked shirt was lying on a wooden cot

His son with the same checked shirt was on him

A short fellow on my right with a cowboy hat

His face was bright

Then a long fellow fell on me, arrested me and pushed me on the fat guy

When I woke up I was on my bed, blanket on me ,my lamp on my right and then an emptied black dog under my cot…


Let Go…..

A Train of Heavens was stopped,

A Species in it was pointed,

Deficit in its sixth sense was criticized,

So, Its entry to earth was prohibited.

But, God said “Let Go”

Hence, was born the Human kind.

My very entry made my mother

Scream in pain,

I just said,” Let Go”.

My growth witnessed the blood

Shed by my own species.

Cruelty than death 

Is to snatch one’s belongingness

From the land he lived and lived,

Ravana’s country once again marked its                                                 place in history…

I just said, “Let Go”.
She was compared to be a flower,

 So,her gentleness grew,

She was worshipped –

So, her Patience reached heights,

All of a sudden

Her inner soul was rejected,

As well her outward dress too,

Only the flesh she wore was admired..

As a deer, she fell a prey

To those animals of six senses

And I told “Let Go”.

I see herds stand in Queue

Before money splitters.

Picturise a city float on water.

My cultural heritage 

Being taken as a game

Just as a game by the Supreme power.

And I stand here, telling “Let Go”

One fine day,

The highly celebrated foreign investors,

Engaged in holy work

Of extracting tasty diet

From our tasteless water

Would tell us,

“Eat mud, instead of food”

And we would readily accept it

As we are all humans with six senses

Practiced to “Let Go”.

                                                       –  Suva